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Our mission is to establish and maintain a creative environment to facilitate and educate clients on the
importance of brand awareness.
We emphasise on a positive attitude ensuring happy outcomes for all.


With expertise in a range of industries, our dedicated team of writers will produce copy that meets the demands and expectations of professionals from a vast range of industries. Whether sports, lifestyle, business or consumer related products or services, our team knows how to win friends and exert its influence.


Comma, out of place. Spelling not quite right. If you need a grammatical hand, we’re here to help. From books to brochures, from media kits to management material, the team is keen to shape your copy into something that catches the eye of even the hardest executive or critic.


Media and Consulting is about responding to clients’ needs using contemporary solutions.D-Word has a strong and ethical commitment to media practice and we encourage our clients to engage a different approach when it comes to their own communication needs. The difference at D-Word is we explore creative possibilities across a range of media that are totally tailored to the client’s individual needs.


Using the latest technology in marketing services, D-Word is able to offer clients an affordable and effective marketing campaign that keep your clients and database in the loop as to what is going on in your company. Using the right key words and slogans, our SMS and email technology will ensure that your clients have all the information they need to know. At D-Word we live by the 4P principle: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Using these principles we ensure that your product is in the right place, at the right price and attracting the right people.


The talented and creative individuals at D-Word thrive on challenges and will always meet your objectives and goals on time. We have many contacts within Australian media, which allows us to effectively deliver your message, or product where it needs to be! At D-Word, we will show you how to establish the best communication media and how to make the most of your message.


Often, organisations fail to realise the importance of effective internal communications. Oral or written, one on one, face to face or in a small group, clear internal communication is the cornerstone to a successful business. At D-Word we enact what we believe are the five key steps to excellent internal communication: understanding, developing, engaging, supporting and creating. Once an internal communication plan is implemented, D-Word will continue to update and upgrade the plan as the needs of the business evolve.


At D-Word we know that public image is everything. We also understand the value of image and brand awareness to your organization.At D-Word we will implement a tailor-made public relations matrix that incorporates how to best communicate your message and to whom it is most effective. We have up front costs, depending on the required services, which include media publicity, guerrilla marketing, copywriting, brochures and much more. At D-Word we’ll help you get the right word, to the right people.


EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS If you are planning an opening launch party or wish to exhibit your products and services at a trade or consumer fair, D-Word can show you how.D-Word is up to date with the latest events and conferences held within Australia and New Zealand. We have experience in choosing the most appropriate event to publicise your product. We will book your stand early ensuring you have a prime position and, leading up to the event, we will notify all your potential and current clients of the show or conference. Our experienced staff will design your stand so it is professional and best displays your product or service. At the event we will be active in looking for the right people or buyers and will record their details for you. This process will help maximise your results.


Sometimes in business public image can be damaged; it is at this point that companies go into crisis management. D-Word specialises in damage control. Our clients complete a crisis management plan, forecasting the best and worst outcomes. We then implement a public relations strategy to minimise the damage and ensure stakeholders are aware that recovery is imminent.

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